Eight Things Every Woman Should Know about Depression - Softcover

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One in every four women will experience moderate to severe depression. Statistically, depression affects twice as many women as men. But, most books don’t address the unique and specific ways depression affects women. Imagine one that does.

8 Things Every Woman Should Know About Depression is a concise and Bible-based quick-guide to depression and it's designed just for women: Dealing with issues like hormones, roles in life and the home, and other gender differences, Dr. Gary Lovejoy sensitively and clearly addresses the needs and questions women often ask when struggling with depression using Scripture and over 30 years of professional Christian counseling experience. At the turn of each page, enjoy having practical, Bible-based tools to help you:

  • Get refreshed with relevant and non-preachy advice and Scripture
  • Identify and take control back from the negative thoughts &feelings that run your life
  • Overcome crushing loneliness and false guilt with biblical principles to seek effective help &treatment
  • Reverse the damaging behaviors and patterns that hurt your relationships and career

From understanding that depression is the body's alarm system to learning how to choose godly relationships that will help your healing, Dr. Lovejoy has boiled it all down to 8 trusted, Bible-based solutions that every woman should know about depression, all of which are simply and clearly laid out in this resourceful quick-guide. Equip yourself with tools and solutions straight out of the Bible and designed just for women to recover &relieve the pressures at home and work. Start enjoying the blessings of life once again!

112 pages. 4.5"x6.5" Paperback.

Does Depression Affect Women Differently?

One in every four women will experience moderate to severe depression. Statistically, depression affects twice as many women as men.

From hormones to abuse and other factors, women are more prone to depression than men are. Women experience certain symptoms of depression with greater frequency than men. But that's not the only way the genders differ when it comes to depression. While men are more likely to express the causes for their unhappiness, women more often hold them in. In other words, men tend to blame others for their troubles and women tend to blame themselves.

Women Are More Likely To Men Are More Likely To
  • Show lots of guilt, feel worthless and overwhelmingly sad, and cry frequently
  • Accuse others, feel angry, and display agitated behavior
  • Openly express their despair and hopelessness
  • Hide their depression behind withdrawal or a façade of bluster
  • Cope by pouring themselves into friends, food, or romantic books &films
  • Cope through substance abuse, TV, sports obsessions, or extramarital affairs
  • and more
  • and more
  • Instead of grouping men and women together, Dr. Gary Lovejoy addresses the unique needs, concerns, emotions, and questions women often desire to know when struggling with depression in this Scripture-based 112-page book. Dr. Gary Lovejoy shows women how to avoid common roadblocks to recovery and explains the characteristics, causes, and symptoms of depression in an easy-to-understand way, using the Bible, over 30 years of counseling experience, and proven strategies.

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    4 Key Features of this Depression Help Book for Women

    From crying for long periods of time or outbursts of anger or frustration, there are a number of patterns and signs that one's health may be at risk. Whether you think you or a loved one is experiencing major depression or early signs of depression, the simple explanations and practical steps in 8 Things Every Woman Should Know About Depression will set you on God's path to the freedom God intended.

    • Relevant. Includes relatable stories about women who have suffered from depression
    • Practical. Explains the characteristics, causes, and symptoms of depression in an easy-to-understand format
    • Quick Reference. See key information at a glance with charts, graphics, checklists and Bible verses to encourage
    • Trustworthy. For decades, Dr. Lovejoy has been a counselor for Ministry Leaders, couples, and individuals. His time-tested practice in applying God's Word to help others manage depression has changed countless lives.

    In just 8 chapters, discover the keys, insights, and practical step-by-step solutions to help overcome the common barriers women face in depression recovery. Click to see all 8 chapters.

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    Discover 13 Signs of Depression in Women

    From overwhelming feelings of emptiness and hopelessness to fatigue and loss of interest, the signs of depression in women vary broadly, manifesting in a wide range of symptoms. Here are just some of the signs that you or your loved one may be experiencing a form of depression:

    • Body aches and pains
    • An enduring sadness, emptiness, and hopelessness; crying for long periods of time; continued withdrawal or anxiety
    • Feelings of worthlessness and low self-esteem
    • Little interest or pleasure in activities and hobbies
    • Fatigue or loss of energy
    • Trouble sleeping or oversleeping
    • Problems with over-eating or compulsive eating
    • Spending large amounts of time alone or actively avoiding people
    • Excessive feelings of guilt
    • Impaired ability to think and a lack of concentration
    • Agitated restlessness, including pacing, wringing hands, and repetitive movement
    • Outbursts of anger and frustration, triggered by seemingly minor problems
    • Recurrent thoughts of death or suicide

    If you are suffering from depression, or know someone who is, this book will help you discover God's purposes for depression, and His wisdom to address it. Experience the peace that comes from realizing that you are not alone and can find hope from God's Word with Dr. Lovejoy's 8 Things Every Woman Should Know About Depression.

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    The 8 Things Every Woman Should Know About Depression chapters include:

      Part 1: The Organizing Principles of Depression

      1. The Meaning of Depression
      2. Biology &Depression

      Part 2: Life's Curve Balls

      1. The Significance of Early History
      2. Cultural Stereotypes and Depression

      Part 3: The Emotional Debris of Depression

      1. Conflict and Depression in Marriage
      2. Depressed Women and Their Friendships
      3. Women's Depression in the Workplace

      Part 4: The Therapy and Theology of Hope

      1. Changing the Narrative About Change

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    8 Things Every Woman Should Know About Depression is perfect for:

    • Small group &Bible study
    • Adult Sunday school
    • Lay counseling &chaplains
    • Women's ministry
    • Church giveaways
    • and much more!

    About the Author

    Gary H. Lovejoy, M.A., MRE, Ph.D., served as a professor of psychology and religion at Mt. Hood Community College for 32 years and has had a private practice in professional counseling for more than 38 years. He is the founder and current principal therapist of Valley View Counseling Services in Portland, Oregon. In addition to earning his doctorate in psychology from United States International University, Dr. Lovejoy also earned a master's degree in religious education from Fuller Theological Seminary.

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