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Experience the peace, joy, and hope that come from deepening your understanding of who God is with Rose's 100 Names of God Christian devotional. From Adonai to Jehovah-Jireh, each daily devotion ushers you into the very presence of God by having you reflect on who He is.

Based on Rose's #1 selling pamphlet, Names of God, this Christian devotional covers five times as many names as the original pamphlet and features daily reflections, thought-provoking questions, powerful prayers, and stunning graphics not offered anywhere else! From Adonai to Yahweh, enjoy not only covering 100 names of God, but worshiping him one name at a time with this easy-to-use daily names of God Bible study! Each devotion is short enough to read in just 5-minutes and deep enough to enrich your quiet times with the Lord as you discover the promise and hope of each name:

  • Adonai means "The Lord" or "My Great Lord"
  • El Shaddai "The All-Sufficient One"
  • Jehovah-Rapha "The Lord Who Heals"
  • Jehovah-Jireh "The Lord Who Provides"

Each of the daily devotions covers:

  • 1 specific name of God (such as Elohim)
  • Its meaning
  • Encouraging explanation and inspirational reflection
  • Other related Scripture and cross references
  • Personal question, prayer, and practical application

See Inside 100 Names of God Devotional

Tap into the incredible beauty and wonder of God's names with every page of this Christian devotional and develop a deeper relationship with your Creator, Protector, and Father. 160 pages, padded hard cover. Size: 5 x 8 inches.

Worship God One Name At Time with this Christian Devotional

In the Bible we discover dozens of titles and names of God, and now you can cherish them all in one devotional! Each name reveals an important attribute of God's nature or reminds us of His care for us. In those names we find new reasons to worship God, to trust Him, and to praise Him more. Dive into 100 easy-to-read devotions that are packed with fresh insights and deepen your understanding of who God is every day!

What makes this 100 Names of God Devotional special?

  • Full color
  • It makes an attractive gift for someone you love
  • Simple daily format
  • Easy-to-use index for quick reference
  • Instant ready-to-use 6-week Bible study
  • Makes for an excellent repeatable study

In the 100 Names of God devotional, readers will be renewed with a deeper sense of hope as they are lead to the very heart of God and the good news of who he is.

Pray Through the 100 Names of God

Enjoy 100 prayers in this daily devotional that will usher you into God's presence with care and intention every day. Each name in this Christian devotional is offered with a prayer that readers will follow the psalmist's lead in saying, "I will praise God's name in song and glorify him with thanksgiving" (Psalm 69:30). Customized to fit the day's devotion, each prayer highlights the promises and hope that come with God's names. Short and concise, these thoughtfully-written prayers provide quick application and lasting strength and encouragement for your day.

Why Study the Names of God?

Who is God? And how can I know Him?

Pop culture is quick to cast God as an angry old man, wrathful and disinterested in his creation, but the God of the Bible is so much more than that. In fact, each name of God holds a promise for those who love Him. Find out what God is truly like with this one-page-per-day Names of God Devotional. Each devotion is short enough to read without feeling rushed, so it's even perfect for busy-bodies! This 100 Names of God Daily Devotional is your go-to for studying the biblical characteristics of God.

How Can I Use the 100 Names of God Devotional?

Discover the flexibility of using this 100 Names of God devotional once a day or as a quick reference book. Easily fit these short devotionals into your busy schedule, whether you use it first thing in the morning or during your lunch break. The 100 Names of God Daily Devotional provides rich information that's clear and simple for your convenience. Includes

  • An easy-to-use index of all the names of God for quick reference
  • Strong's Concordance Numbers included
  • 6-week Names of God Bible Study Guide (for individuals or groups)

Experience the ease of knowing God in a deeper way when you call on Him as your Provider, Healer, Savior, and so much more!

Easily Cover 100 Names of God with this Inspirational Devotional

Names of God that Encourage

  • Jehovah-Nissi means "The Lord My Banner"
  • El-HaNe'eman "The God Who Is Faithful"

Names of God that Strengthen

  • El Sela means "God My Rock"
  • Jehovah-Go'el means "Redeeming God"

Names of God that Inspire Worship

  • Adonai means "The Lord" or "My Great Lord"
  • Atik Yomin means "Ancient of Days"

Names of God that Show His Power

  • El Shaddai "The All-Sufficient One"
  • Yah means "I AM"

Names of God that Show Promise Hope

  • Jehovah-Rapha "The Lord Who Heals"
  • Jehovah-Jireh "The Lord Who Provides"

What People Are Saying About the 100 Names of God Daily Devotional

When you know someone, you know their name. The person is important to you, and you to that person. It is a deeply intimate and personal experience to call a person by their name. And this is even more true in our relationship with God. 100 Names of God brings our connection to God to a new level of closeness and worship. You will find yourself “finding God” yet again.John Townsend, New York Times bestselling author, Leadership expert, psychologist and theologian
Christopher D. Hudson's book--100 Names of God--is an important read for anyone who wants their understanding of God deepened. God has revealed Himself and it is important for us as the body of Christ to embrace what He has shown to us. This book will help you in this quest. As I read through the names of God I was struck by how awesome our God is. My faith in Him grew as I realized that God is even more than I could ever imagine. If you need a boost in your walk, confidence to engage this world and something to overcome all the negative thoughts that bombard you daily, then read this book - then read it again. Dr. Stephen Leston, Author of The Bible in World History
This is a book I’ve been waiting for ever since I heard Amy Grant sing the song, “El Shaddai” some 30 years ago. For me it was a haunting song about the power of God’s name. El Shaddai. El Elyon. Adonai. The lyrics by Michael Card beautifully tie the Old Testament promise into the New Testament fulfillment. By helping us understand the many names of God sprinkled through Scripture, this book does the same. As a result, the book is just as moving and memorable as the song. Read it in a long afternoon or over 100 days, and you’ll be reminded (or learn) that God is a Strong Tower, a Rock, a Potter, a Consuming Fire, the One Who Lifts My Head, and, of course, our Deliverer. To complement the engaging, reader-friendly content, the book also includes a nice index and a plan for breaking the book down into a six-week personal or group study. This is a book I will not give away. It will stay on a nearby shelf in my office.Jay Payleitner, best-selling author of What if God Wrote Your Bucket List?
100 Names of God is exactly what I expect from a Christopher Hudson book--a fresh and practical perspective on an important topic, highlighting the fascinating interplay of passages throughout Scripture. Informative, intriguing, and inspiring!Paul Kent, Author of Know Your Bible and The Real Force: A 40-Day Devotional

There has long been a need for a Christian devotional that balances the literary virtues of readability, brevity, and depth. Christopher Hudson has threaded the theological needle with his latest work: 100 Names of God Daily Devotional (Rose Publishing).

Beautiful in presentation, stylish in appearance, and formatted for readability, the book provides a refreshing reading experience often lacking in today’s literature. More important, however, is its design and content. Hudson deftly identifies 100 common and not-so-common divine names that prove to be a devotional delight.

Each devotional provides a Divine name/title/description, its English translation, and a biblical reference of its use. These are followed by engaging narratives that weave modern-day storylines with rich overviews of corresponding biblical passages that introduce the reader to that particular name of God, followed by its application to our lives. Each devotional concludes with a reflection question, commitment prayer, and suggested scripture for those wanting deeper study for personal enrichment.

100 Names of God Daily Devotional is accessible and approachable while also being relevant and readable. It meets the needs of growing believers who have the desire for a deeper dive in their daily devotions. Moreover, Christopher Hudson’s ability to provide biblically-informed readers with a broad diversity of Greek, Hebrew, and Aramaic divine names, each of which is indexed to Strong’s numbering system, makes this devotional a theological treasure trove that will prove to be popular with pastors, professors, and mature Christian believers everywhere. Freddy Cardoza, Ph.D., Chair, Department of Christian Education, Talbot School of Theology, Executive Director, Society of Professors in Christian Education

FREE How to Pronounce 100 Names of God in Hebrew Audio (MP3)

This free audio of 100 Names of God includes both the correct pronunciation and the meaning of each Name of God. To make learning easier, each name is repeated a second time, just after the meaning is given.

This audio was created by Rose Publishing, a leading publisher of Christian Bible study material, and publisher of best-selling Names of God books and pamphlets, Bible Studies, and small group material.

BONUS: This Names of God Pronunciation Recording includes a bonus: A 1-minute explanation of how to correctly understand and pronounce the names Jehovah and Yahweh. It also discusses the Jewish tradition about avoiding the word G-d and substituting HaShem for the divine Name.

About the Author

Christopher Hudson

Christopher Hudson has contributed to over fifty Bible projects, sixty study guides and over a hundred books. He has also served as managing editor for best-selling Bibles such as: The Love Languages Devotional Bible with Gary Chapman (Moody); Inspirational Bible with Max Lucado (Thomas Nelson); and the Case for Christ Study Bible with Lee Strobel (Zondervan). He is a graduate from Wheaton College (Wheaton, IL) and is an active teacher in his church for over twenty years. He is from Chicago, IL, where he resides with his wife and three children.

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